My name is Sarah,  a high school student in Wisconsin. No, I do not live on a farm. I have had a love for fashion since I was 11.  In a year or two, I hope to major in fashion merchandising.  There are not words to express my passion of fashion, is that weird? I started my tumblr(s) a few years back.. and hope to continue with it. To “kick-start” this blog, I imported my posts from one of my tumblrs. As you can see through my archives, I have grown through different styles. I decided to create this blog, outside of the tumblr community, to make things a little more personal. I want to create my own posts and write about the things I love.

Speaking of growing through different styles- here is a little essay I wrote for English class reflecting my growth as a person through my style.

I have learned that what is most important in a dress is the woman in it. You wake up, whether you carefully pick your outfit, or you take on the day in your pajamas; fashion is apart of our daily routine. As Jenna Lyons, the creative director of J. Crew, said “so many people underestimate the transformative power of clothes”.

The way one presents themselves plays a role in how they are perceived. If you dress for success daily, then success will come to you and I firmly believe this. Personal style is a form of expression. One thing I love about fashion is that it is a ever changing industry; fashion is never boring.

My personal style has evolved over the years, especially in my four years of high school. This evolution is reflective of my development as a young woman; and evident in the archives of my fashion blog. Freshman year, my style was darker and more casual. I put on jeans and sweaters, a manifestation of my lack of involvement as a student. I transformed into a Cali girl sophomore year. Crop tops, shorts, spiky jewelry and gladiator sandals living in my closet. Junior year introduced my entirely new approach on style and life. I really found myself. I feel that I represented an east coast preppy look, sporting J.Crew, Zara, Kate Spade, and Tory Burch. With a more put together style came a more put together life. I am an established employee at Impressions Salon Spa. I increased my involvement in clubs at school, including Best Buddies and the Link Crew leadership program. I competed in my first season on varsity field hockey, and I went on three life-changing service trips to Kingston, Jamaica.

Through the many clean-outs of my closet, I have learned to value the transformative power of clothing and how the outside can reflect the inside. I left junior year learning more than I could ever expect about culture, teamwork, true leadership, and myself. I cannot wait to see what my next freshman year has to bring.





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